Or, is an Employee Assistance Program EAP a way for employers to feel good about doing something positive for employees—that may or may not provide a value-add to employee wellness and work productivity? Employee Assistance Programs EAP are a part of a comprehensive benefits package that employers may provide for their employees. In theory, they provide your employees with access to help in solving life's troubling problems.

Employee Assistance Programs EAP provide needs assessment, help, counseling, and referrals for employees and their family members when they are faced with mental health or emotional issues. Employee Assistance Programs EAP are available to assist the employee when he or she needs help dealing with life events, workplace issues, and other personal problems and challenges.

EAPs most frequently assist employees to deal with issues in these areas, according to the Department of Labor :. Short-term counseling and support may be all that an employee needs.

Who are the main EAP providers?

Generally, for longer-term counseling and support, a referral to another agency or provider is offered by the EAP. Source: The Employee Assistance Research Foundation, an organization that was founded in to understand the EAP field and the current state of the art and to examine the effectiveness of EAP services overall for employees and employers. An EAP gives employers a referral option when managers and Human Resources staff are helping an employee deal with life and work issues that are beyond the training and scope of these workplace helpers.

Managers and Human Resources staff are generally not trained to provide therapy or counseling to employees and an EAP gives them a way to help an employee without turning away an employee in need. The difference in access can be attributed to a number of factors, including occupational composition and the different job functions of public and private sector workers. For example, the ratio of public sector workers in education and public safety jobs is relatively high compared with private sector workers.

A National Study of Employers following ten years trends related to U. This is the most recent trustworthy data available.

Best eap providers 2019

Employee Assistance Programs EAP give employers an option that might assist employees to overcome difficulties that may be impacting their work performance, mental health, and general wellness. Research exists that demonstrates that EAPs are effective, although, the evidence is controversial. The most controversial finding is that the EAP is not considered to be a confidential service. This is especially true depending upon the service providers, of the EAPs that are provided by employers in the public sector.

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These EAPs may be departments within the larger organizations and employees regard them with often warranted suspicion and skepticism. Employees are suspicious that anything they tell a counselor in an in-house EAP will go directly to the ear of related HR staff. They fear that the information will then affect their career. The Employee Assistance Research Foundation, referenced above, says that the field of employee assistance has not produced enough research to justify its prolific and expanding use by employers both in the United States and abroad.

best eap providers 2019

In part this is due to common methodological limitations; for example, the literature is dominated by single case studies and by program evaluations that do not always meet rigorous scientific standards. Although there has been an impressive accumulation of program evaluations undertaken by employers and their EA providers or consultantsmost of these evaluations have been considered proprietary and not widely disseminated or published in scholarly journals.

To summarize, employers have increasingly offered Employee Assistance Programs EAPoften through their health care providers.

best eap providers 2019

Little evidence exists that demonstrates that EAPs are effective in serving the goal of employers to maintain productivity and healthy, well employees. However, EAPs do give the employer an option when dealing with troubled staff members whom they are ill-equipped, and not in the business, to serve.

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Consequently, the popularity of EAPs will continue to rise and the hope is that unbiased research going forward demonstrates that EAPs do, in fact, serve the best interests of employers and employees.A chart is presented depicting employee assistance programs in New Hampshire. A chart is presented that lists employee assistance program providers based on the number of lives covered in A chart is presented that lists the top employee assistance program providers in the U.

A chart is presented that lists leading employee assistance program EAP providers. A chart is presented that lists employee assistance program providers. A chart is presented that lists the largest employee assistance program providers in the U. A chart is presented that shows the largest employee assistance program providers as of June 30, which includes ComPsych Corp.

Or enter your postal code and country to search by location: optional. All Rights Reserved. Privacy Policy Terms of Use. A chart is presented that shows the rankings of the top 10 employee assistance program providers as of June 30, which includes ComPsych Corp.

Read the Article Courtesy of your local library Enter a library name or part of a name, city, state, or province. Alternative Energy Exploration. Arctic Drilling. Bank Bailout. Border Walls. Bullying in Schools.

Campaign Finance Reform. Carbon Offsetting. Economic Stimulus Package. Endangered Species.The five biggest organisations are at the top. Bear in mind that the market changes quickly — use this list as a guide but make sure that you contact providers directly to get up-to-the-minute information about what they offer.

It runs over occupational health OH centres in the UK and offers services to aboutpeople. Clients: Atos has clients in logistics and the private sector, central government, local authority and the NHS including the ambulance service, mental health trust and primary care sectors, giving the company a broad experience in delivering healthcare solutions. No client companies are named on its website.

It works with over 1, companies worldwide with the aim of boosting employee performance and wellbeing and reducing the costs associated with human behaviour. Bupa Employee Assistance is part of healthcare company Bupa, which was established more than 60 years ago in the UK and is now an international healthcare company with customers in countries.

Bupa offers various levels of EAP service to organisations, depending on their size. Names of clients are not given on its website. Based in Gloucestershire, it runs a counselling programme, directly employing its counsellors, and offers its services in more than languages.

It was established in as Centrefile and purchased by the Ceridian Corporation in It employs more than 9, people globally, and offers services to 25 million employees inbusinesses. In the UK it employs staff supporting 1. It provides services in multiple languages, and its EAP service is part of its broader HR services range.

CiC CiC runs EAPs, lifestyle support, work-life solutions, critical incident support, organisational consultancy services, employee wellbeing packages, mediation and training. It supports aroundpublic and private sector employees and their families in more than 80 organisations worldwide.

It offers a training service for managers in areas such as performance management and the use of counselling skills in the workplace. Clients: A client list is not given on the website, but Dovedale does state that is works with the NHS.

best eap providers 2019

Its products include: legal advice and information; telephone counselling; medical advice and information; and a call centre for firms which outsource their telephone service. Its services include critical incident support, hour telephone counselling and stress-management support.

Oakdale is a specialist provider of psychological services based in Harrogate. The company has been established for 10 years. It is a subsidiary of Cygnet Health Care, an independent provider of psychiatric care. It provides services to over 3, organisations, covering 3 million employees in over countries. It provides services to more than organisations, covering overemployees across all business sizes and sectors in the UK and Ireland. The Validium Group is an employee assistance and wellbeing consultancy that works in partnership with HR and OH professionals to help prevent and overcome stress and absence at work.

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It was established as a specialist and independent EAP provider in Clients: No specific names given, but Workplace Options says it works with clients in all sectors, including: telecoms; media; transport; health care; manufacturing; and the voluntary sector.

It acts as a broker, working with all the suppliers in the market and passes on the best corporate benefits at sensible prices. It stresses that its EAP customers are organisations with good employee relations who want an EAP package and account management service that is stable and value for money.

Clients: No client names are given on its website. It is a leading provider for employee counselling to the public sector in Scotland and currently works with over different organisations. Clients: 19 NHS organisations, 15 Scottish local authorities and four universities, as well as many SMEs within the public, private and voluntary sectors.

No client names given on its website. Services also include: health screening; stress management; mediation; health and stress audits; and absence management.

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The company concentrates on the core EAP services of counselling, advice and management reporting, and on reducing the impact of employee problems on the workplace, as well as supporting individuals coping with a variety of personal and domestic issues. Clients: No client names are included on its website. Entries are now open.


Enter now. Post a job Why advertise with us?An EAP can also support an employer. Loss of a job can cause more. The Cascade EAP offers information and resources to help today's busy people keep their minds on work. An EAP provides counselling and expert support on personal or work-related problems and can help to stop them developing and leading to absence from work.

Nearly 80 percent of issues are resolved within EAP without use of behavioral benefits. Best domain registrars in As well as providing … Workforce Healthcare Pty Ltd.

As an Australian owned provider with a not-for-profit orientation, our surplus profit is distributed by the Curran Access Children's Foundation to support children's welfare programs. With Lyra, more people receive care and get better. One Third Two Thirds Column 1. Expanded After being in education for several years, she was offered an opportunity in Human Resources for Centura Health and has now jointed the Profile EAP team in provider relations and business support.

The Importance of Employee Assistance Programs. By Dr. EAP telephone consultations are not intended to provide crisis counseling. Teresa Pelio October 28, You can contact providers directly to learn more about services they can provide. Continuum EAP is a company-sponsored program intended to assist employees and family members to find solutions for personal or work problems. You may meet with a counselor in one of our Best Care EAP offices or you may meet with one of our contracted affiliate providers.

We have highlighted five trends that caught our eye, offering an analysis and recommendations for best practice implementation. Optima EAP utilizes both staff and contracted behavioral health providers to ensure easy access to EAP services and exceptional clinical care. November 1, Learn about Ceridian Employee Assistance Program, including a description from the employer, and comments and ratings provided anonymously by current and former Ceridian employees.

When feeling overwhelmed with decisions, personal problems, family issues or workplace concerns, you have somewhere to turn.

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There is no cost for vendors to be listed, so there is no barrier to onboard. EDT Facebook; One important indicator of a positive workplace culture at EY is the company's frequent accolades in various "best places to work" listings. Client computers can be configured to validate server certificates by using the Validate server certificate option on the client computer or in Group Policy.

In early January, Optum mailed behavioral health ID cards to the head of contract and included additional cards for those enrolled in behavioral health. EAPA represents more than individuals and organisations with an interest in employee assistance across 40 countries. It is the responsibility of the client to pay for any services outside of the EAP counseling benefit. Join the EAP Network. Get prescriptions 2, if needed. Lyra makes a positive impact on your people and business — employees are more productive, stay with the company longer, and spend less on health care overall.

Our online tools and tips provide information and resources on a broad array of topics such as emotional and physical wellbeing, workplace success, and achieving personal goals. Just call Congress Topics. Trained counselors can help you with issues such as job stress, alcohol or drug abuse, marital and family difficulties, anxiety or depression, or financial concerns.

It is the primary goal of our Provider Relations Department to ensure your needs are met while guaranteeing our members An EAP can help small businesses and their employees with a variety of issues in and out of the workplace, including mental health services and employee assistance with personal, family, and work issues.

Suppliers that do not accept EAP payment put some portion of their revenue stream at risk. Within 10 minutes you are assured to be able to speak with a counsellor. Full Width Column 2. April 5, in Best Practices, Regulatory. Best of all, it's free for you and members of your household and completely confidential.

Annual EAP record review audit says these are the greatest opportunities for improvement. It is the responsibility of the client to pay for any services outside of the EAP counseling benefit. Startup is faster, the debugger supports Docker Compose, and Version Control support and Xamarin support are enhanced across the board. The five biggest organisations are at the top. For further research, check out the top hosting services overall — featuring the best, most affordable providers and the services they specialize in.

Please note that most offer services statewide. The outbreak first started in China, but the virus continues to spread internationally and in the United States. For details on each vendor and a comprehensive list of all EAP Providers, scroll down.

Cigna EAP offers a broad range of seminars to help your employees and managers reduce stress, stay healthy and perform at their best — which helps your organization perform at its best, too.

RBH OEBB 2019-20 Employee Assistance Program EAP

Dear Colleagues, After careful preparation, and with a view to "being different" from other paediatric conferences, the EAP Congress and MasterCourse has attained a very special reputation. An EAP helps employees deal with work-life stressors, family issues, financial concerns, relationship problems, and even drug or legal concerns.

March 15, The EASNA Corporate Award of Excellence identifies companies that work in partnership with employee assistance providers to design and integrate a program that enhances employee wellbeing and empowers the company to work toward a healthy and productive workplace. The request for letters of intent were mailed via U. The purpose of this working group is to develop a security and privacy profile of the OpenID Connect specifications that enable users to authenticate to OpenID Providers using strong authentication specifications.

Our solutions cover a continuum of care from chronic and acute health conditions to helping people excel; from restoring well-being to accelerating human performance. Lyra makes a positive impact on your people and business — employees are more productive, stay with the company longer, and spend less on health care overall. EAP telephone consultations are not intended to provide crisis counseling.

The organization selected will provide the following services: 1. Expanded These EAP services are provided at no cost to the employee or family member.Years ago when I moved to the U.

But I never believed that I could get the help I needed in the U. A decade later I trained to be a counselor, and have known since then, that I definitely could have received the help I needed, even though I was in an alien land. I learned that my challenges and emotions were not so unique after all.

In fact, they were the same emotions others would experience in similar situations, no matter which country they came from, or which country they were living in. Years of clinical practice with and insight into people of different cultural, ethnic and religious origins has simply confirmed that there is a universality around human emotions and needs that transcends cultural barriers. To explore this issue further, I wanted to review Employee Assistance Program EAP case data from around the world and compare the reasons why individuals sought support.

While, EAPs originated in the western developed world, specifically the U. Driven in large part by corporates looking to globalize their benefits and their employee wellness policies, EAPs are now present in most developed countries, and local client organizations are increasingly considering them as an important component of their benefits package. At one level this makes a lot of sense, but all is not what it seems. So in the end, what did we learn from this project?

Namely that employees everywhere, no matter their continent or country, struggle with emotional issues more than anything else. We all experience the same range of emotions and share the same emotional needs. Because in the end we really are much more alike than we are different. Workplace Options helps employees balance their work, family and personal needs to become healthier, happier and more productive, both personally and professionally.

To learn more visit www. This form is intended for use by individuals or organizations requesting more information about Workplace Options products and services. For individuals seeking confidential assistance, please log in to our Member Web Site. By clicking the submit button you agree that you have read and understand our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

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Learn More Accept and Close.New providers and services are among the changes being rolled out by employers to make EAPs more attractive. Members may download one copy of our sample forms and templates for your personal use within your organization. Neither members nor non-members may reproduce such samples in any other way e. Or anxious. Or depressed. Or all three.

Employees know it—they feel it, and the blaring headlines in the media regularly reinforce it.

best eap providers 2019

Employers know it—their consultants are bombarding them with studies and reports highlighting the problem and its consequences. In the worst-case scenarios, workers with serious mental health problems can be dangerous to themselves and others.

Employers are trying to help, instituting wellness programs, flexible schedules, yoga classes and meditation instruction. Yet they struggle to understand why only a tiny minority of workers take advantage of a marquee employer-provided tool to help them improve their mental health: employee assistance programs EAPs.

Nearly all companies now offer EAPs, which typically give employees immediate phone access to a counselor, a limited number of free sessions with a mental health care professional and referrals to therapists. Yet EAP utilization averages below 10 percent, according to multiple studies, consultants and human resource professionals.

The Washington, D.

Choosing EAP Providers

The need is so great. Heinen and others say the continuing stigma around mental health keeps some employees from taking advantage of EAPs. Even though the American Psychiatric Association says 1 in 5 adults will struggle with mental illness during their lifetime, many individuals view such conditions as personal flaws rather than medical issues.

Others may fear that the information discussed won't be kept confidential. That distrust stems from EAPs' origins in the s as employer-run and -mandated alcohol treatment programs.

In many cases, the reason for underutilization is simply that companies don't aggressively promote the programs, so employees don't know they exist. It wouldn't occur to employees to call. Workers typically use their employer-sponsored health insurance benefits with minimal to no thought about privacy issues. They trust that their employers won't gain access to their personal health information. But employees don't have the same confidence in their employee assistance programs EAPs —a wariness that dates back to the s.

Companies developed in-house occupational alcoholism programs OAPs to treat employees because it was more cost-effective than firing them and hiring new people. The programs became so popular that in the U.

Bythe programs were required to include treatment for drug abuse.

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